Nick grew up in a family of morris dancers and spent much of his childhood sat, involuntarily, on his dad's melodeon case. Despite a distinct lack of interest as a child, this early exposure to English dance music proved an invaluable grounding for him when he started  playing this music himself in his early teens, starting first on the penny whistle before graduating to other, louder woodwind instruments and eventually taking up the melodeon. 

Nick is much in demand as a melodeon player and caller for social dancing (ceilidh/barn dance/country dancing), having spent many years playing for the Ceilidh Liberation Front and many more playing in a variety of other, less well-publicised bands. Nick can perform the rare feat of calling and playing at the same time, and can call on a roster of fantastic musicians to provide music for functions as 'The Nick Hart Dance Band'. These musicians include fiddle players Tom Moore, John Dipper and James Delarre, and guitarists Dave Delarre, Dave Malkin and Pete Truin. Please feel free to get in contact if you would like to discuss booking a ceilidh for your event. 


Playing a ceilidh with Tom Moore and Jack Rutter (behind the camera)

Playing for stepping at the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust's Step Dance Day